Shirwell Park B&B, Barnstaple

How to find Shirwell Park

EX31 4LE

A SATNAV postcode will take you to the back drive so use it to get to Shirwell village only then see point (6) below:  

(1) We suggest either the M5 (or the A303 then the M5 if you are travelling from the South East) to the West Country.

(2) Exit the M5 at Junction 27 and take the A361 to Barnstaple. From junction 27 (of the M5) it normally takes approximately 45 minutes driving depending on the traffic.

(3) Come through Barnstaple follow directions at the roundabouts for “A39 and Lynton” (well sign posted).

(4) After 7 roundabouts (you will still be following signs for A39 and Lynton), you will come to a set of traffic lights with a  petrol garage on your right hand side. Go straight across the lights and continue up the hill. The fire station will be on your right hand side.

(5) At the top of the hill you will come to a roundabout  The North Devon District Hospital will be on your right. Continue straight across, onto the A39.

(6) Stay on the A39. Most of the traffic will shortly turn left towards Ilfracombe. You don’t!

(7) Continue on the A39, up a gentle incline and pass through the hamlet of Burridge.

(8) The next village is Shirwell. Stay on the A39 as it passes through the village.

(9) As you proceed through Shirwell you will follow the road left and onto a straight section of the A39. Proceed along the A39 for a further 250 yards and the entrance to Shirwell Park  is on the left hand side, big black metal gates between 2 matching, Georgian single storey gate lodges.

(10) Drive down the main drive and take the left fork in the drive following the “private” sign, which will bring you to the front entrance.

Note: if you come to a sign on the A39 on the LHS “Marwood“, you have missed the entrance to the house