This Accessibility Guide does not contain personal opinions as to the suitability of Shirwell Park for those with access needs, but aims to set out  the facilities and services that we can offer to all our guests.


The House is Grade 1 listed which prevents wholesale changes to its accessibility. The property has evolved over the centuries and there are many steps within the property on the ground floor level and all of the bedrooms are on the first floor, with access via staircases.

Should you need any further information or assistance with planning your stay please call the Housekeeper on 44 (0)7464 002020 or email us at

General information

Arrival and Car Parking Facilities

Downstairs Cloakroom

The Dining Room

The Morning Room

The Bedrooms

The Blue Bedroom

The Pine Bedroom

The Hummingbird Bedroom

The Rose Bedroom

Sight Impairment Accessibility for people with sight impairment

Additional lighting for all rooms is available on request.

Guests are  shown to their rooms, and everything about the room explained to them. All the information about the house is also contained within a folder in the room, and this can be relayed to guests as required.